Friday, March 18, 2016

Common Water Well Pump Problems That Could Be Causing a Water Shortage

Drilling your own well can give you the benefit of fresh, clean and low cost water in steady supply. But you still need to be responsible by maintaining and fixing problems in your water well system. If there’s no water coming out of your faucets, there could be a number of problems wrong with your water well system, particularly the pump. They include:

No power supply
The water pump is powered by electricity. If there is not power supply to the pump, it will not run or pump water into your house. You need to make sure there is power running to the water pump and that it is switched on. There could be a problem with the electrical components of the pump due to a power surge, tripped circuit or increased power usage. You may need to call an electrician for this.

Dropping water levels
Well water pumps are often designed to draw water from a specific water depth. If the water level falls below the pump reach, it will not be able to draw up water from the wall and this could lead to a shortage in the water supply. If the weather has been dry lately, this could be the reason why your pump is running but not bringing up any water. Another sign of a drop in the water level is murky or muddy water or a change in the taste of the water.

Pump in the wrong spot
Since the pump is only designed to reach a certain depth of water, wrong placement could cause some problems with the water supply. The water pump should be installed deep enough that a drop in the water level still allows it to draw water from the well. In case the water level is below the reach of the pump, it will end up drawing air into the system. Get a professional to measure the water depth and correctly place the pump to prevent this problem.  

Pump size
The size of your water well pump should increase with the increase in water demands of your home. If you install more fixtures than the pump’s water supply capacity, then you will definitely have a problem with the volume and pressure of water that reaches you. If you use large amounts of water for irrigation or feeding animals, you will need a larger water pump.

Pressure tank problems

The pressure tank works together with the pump to deliver water. If the pressure tank fails, the water pump can’t work either. Too much water being drawn from the pressure tank often causes the switch to shut down the system as a fail-safe feature so check if the switch has not shut down before looking for other problems. You can reset the pressure tank switch by loosing water valves to the delivery system and lifting handle to engage the switch. Reopen the water valves after the pressure tank fills up.

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